Each kit contains:

5 Phones

1 Teacher Tablet

5 collapsible VR headsets

Storage and charging for all devices

Each TechTub is equipped with 5 phones loaded with Google Expeditions and YouTube

Each TechTub is equipped with a Teacher Tablet that is used to guide Google Expeditions and create YouTube 360 playlists

The headsets are made with a collapsible silicon material. This material allows the headset to expand or contract simply by pulling on the material to expand it or by pressing in and folding it to contract. If the image is blurry, ensure that the headset is full expanded. Once it is full expanded, open the front door of the headset and place the cell phone inside, closing the front door

The headsets feature sliders on the top of the headset that allow the eyepieces to be moved closer or further apart depending on the distance between the child's eyes. If the image is blurry, they can try adjusting the sliders to improve the image

Ensure that the phone is centered on the front door, matching up the middle line on the phone with the middle line of the headset